Innerwalls and sick days...

Hey guys,

Here’s this fortnights update, even if it is a little late.  Unfortunately work on Snakerunner has ground to a halt the last half of this week due to illness ☹

The first thing tackled this week was finishing off the inner walls.  These had been started last time round, but still needed to get transparency working.  Originally I was planning on simply making the wall segments semi-transparent when they appeared between the ship and the camera, but I felt this wasn’t quite right as it made too many segments invisible for no reason.

I settled on making just the 3 wall units behind the snake transparent, which seemed sufficient.

I’ve also quickly implemented the walls on the radar, to make it a little easier for the player to navigate the level.

The other thing we were hoping would be done by now, is the final game mechanic which we’ve still not showed you yet!  Challenges!

These will be the way the player progresses through the levels.  Each level has 5 challenges, which the player needs to complete three of to unlock the next level in the tournament.

Three of the challenges will be score related, with the player needing to beat a specific score in order to obtain.  The other two will be task oriented, and will be things like “Eat 3 bonus balls”, “Get a snake 20 units long” etc.

We still need to decide on some of the later level challenges, but we have enough planned to get the system working enough for a demo!  But more on this shortly.

A lot of the basics of the code is now in place.  Although I’m still to write the message box code which notifies the player when a challenge has been obtained.  This will be the focus of next week, which will possibly be the last week of coding for a while.  Instead I will be once again testing my modelling skills with Blender as I model new arenas/back ground buildings for the remaining two tournaments.

If anyone is interested in joining the beta test when it's time, then please, drop us an email to and well update you with how to join in when it's time.

Until then, I'll see you next time round :)


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