49 Days Later...

It seems it's been a while again since I last posted here, 49 days according to the itch.io page.

Since my last post I have made loads of progress, but sadly it's all "under the bonnet" stuff which is all too uncomplete to make videos or screen shots from.

Aside from the heat (It's been above 25 degrees here in the UK every day for the last two months, it's awful.  Air conditioning is not common in UK houses, and it's really humid) the biggest bug bear has been planning how the tournament/level loading system will work.

The actual tournament and level loading isn't overly complicated, but it's been made a lot more challenging by the decision to allow for the possibility of DLC tournament's at a later date.

A couple of weeks were spent formalizing plans for all the various data which needed to be stored in each file, planning file structures, naming conventions, as well as writing code snippets to test various aspects of the loading.

The next few weeks were spent trying to integrate the system into the game (Which wasn't too hard) and then get it to work properly (trickier) and finally fix the bug it'd caused (For some seemingly inexplicable reason, it had messed up the light maps on the ship, tail and pickup objects, but a few hours of deduction revealed the cause.  I'd changed the read folder in the additions, and had neglected to change it back,  this caused the light maps to fail to load and the image defaulted to a plain white one)

And this is where we are now.  I still need to finish/polish/tweak a few bits here and there, I need to use the data from the level file to set the inner walls position; but it's gone 1am, It's the weekend, I'm going to enjoy this can of Red Stripe (and possibly one or two of its buddies) and then call it a night.  In lieu of any screen shots this post, here's a picture of me sat at my desk writing this post!

If any of you guys ever have any questions, then feel free to ask them in the comments.  I'll try not to leave it so long before the next post, so fingers crossed, I'll see you again in a fortnight

One love <3


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